In 1968, Tony Battaglia moved to the United States from Italy with his parents and brothers. His parents moved in hopes of finding a better life for their kids. He worked as a mechanic in Philadelphia for many years until getting a break to run a body shop in 1985. After spending almost his entire life in the car business, he moved to Chadds Ford to purchase and run C&D Auto Body in 1995. He based his business off of two major ideals: great service and amazing quality. He wanted to create a body shop where people could trust that they would not get taken advantage of. “When someone is in an accident, it is already an awful experience and because of that, it is important that the rebuilding process is as smooth as possible.” It was his ideas and vision that remains the foundation of this company.

In 2002, the name was changed to Chadds Ford Collision to demonstrate its commitment to the community. Although the name changed, the philosophy did not. Chadds Ford Collision is constantly pushing its team to be on the cutting edge of the industry and understands the importance of having a staff that is highly trained and skilled. Our commitment is to maintain our staff as a Certified I-Car Gold Certified Shop with many of our employees certified at the highest level – “Platinum.”